Spaceships Australia

Spaceship Campervan hire offer award winning vehicles with a custom design that combines the best parts of both a car and a campervan. With locations across Melborune, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, spaceship campervan hire is one of the most widely available camper rental companies in Australia.

Spaceship Campers are about more than just a vehicle. With friendly staff, DVD trades between vehicles and our a Space Mates network of friendly faces around the country, Spaceship campers provide a fun and unique community to help you along your travels.

To compare Spaceship Campervan Hire's prices to the similar competitors, enter the details of your trip in our convenient booking form. Through our partnership with Spaceship Campervan Hire, is able to offer the same low prices on car rentals and car hires that you would find on any car rental company website.

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