Perth Airport Car Hire

What is frequently referred to as the most isolated city in the world, Perth is also one of the most gorgeous and easy going cities in all of Australia. Located on the western edge of Australia in the state of Western Australia, Perth has all the amenities of a big city while providing a relaxed and sun-drenched atmosphere.


While you are in Perth, visit the Aquarium of Western Australia and explore the underwater tunnels while watching the marine life in their natural habitat. Then head over to Kings Park & Botanic Garden to witness the natural beauty of Perth's bushland.


When you are done frolicking in the great outdoors, you can drive your cheap rent a car to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts for sculpture, installation art, performances, and much more. Or perhaps the history side of Perth's culture is your fancy. The city has just what you need at the Western Australian Museum. Stop in and learn about the indigenous tribes that populated the area as well as the general history or Perth and greater Western Australia.


Perth is one city where you will have your pick of establishments to enjoy live music, drinks, great dining, and dancing. Try the aptly named Funk Club to get your groove on or the Hip-E Club for dancing to a mix of popular genres.



An official Perth tourist video from Western Australia State