Mount Gambier Airport Car Hire

Mount Gambier airport car rental services offer convenient, affordable, reliable, and safe transportation to tourists, families on vacation, and traveling businessmen. Rather than depending on public transportation during your entire stay in Mount Gambier, consider the obvious advantages of being in complete control of your own rental vehicle.


The incredible natural beauty of the Mount Gambier region makes this area home to at least 35 tourist attractions, the majority of which can be attributed to mother nature. More than five of the publicly listed tourist destinations are located near the phenomenal Blue Lake, which bears its name because of the surreal turquoise blue color of the water during wintertime.


Blue Lake is a partner of three other lakes that comprise the four Mount Gambia crater lakes – Browne's Lake, Leg of Mutton Lake, and Valley Lake. Of the four world-famous crater lakes, Blue Lake is the most well-known and the deepest (confirmed to be more than 75 m deep in some spots).



A video depicting the unbelievable beauty of the Mount Gambier area