Launceston Car Hire

The city of Launceston is a great place for vacations for both Australians and tourists from anywhere in the world. Located in the beautiful island state of Tasmania, it is the second major city in the Apple Isle, and is a a vibrant hub of culture and cuisine. As one of the oldest cities in Australia, Launceston has a rich history, which can be explored on foot, or though regular sightseeing tours. With just over 100,000 inhabitants, Launceston is a city that provides a rich cultural scene, without giving off the vibe of a mega metropolis.

Without a doubt, the historic Boags Brewery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Launceston, offering regular tours of the brewing plant, beer tasting, and an educational museum showcasing the history of Boags, a popular exporter of Beer around Australia and the world.

For those looking for a more relaxed family friendly atmosphere, the Cataract Gorge Reserve is a great place for a picnic with children, with a pool, cablecars, walking tracks and playingfields all within a short walk of the tourist centre.

Architecture fans will be in heaven traveling through Launceston, and specialists tours operate daily showcasing the city's historic Georgian and Victorian architecture, showing off the areas many ornate churches, houses and halls.
Those looking to dip their toes in some culture while in Launceston can visit the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery at the re-purposed railyards, showcasing an impressive collection of traditional Aboriginal art, period colonial paintings, interactive industrial exhibits, and various contemporary displays. While visiting you can also drop into the Launceston Planetarium, located adjacent, for a tour through the stars and planets of our solar system.

Although not known for it's nightlife, Launceston does offer a range of restaurants and bars with live entertainment on Fridays and Weekends. Alchemy Bar, located in the old Bank building off George Street is the most popular music venue, with a range of wines, beers and cocktails on offer.


A video showcasing some of the family friendly attractions Launceston has to offer