Carnarvon Airport Car Hire

If you're planning a trip to Carnarvon, Australia, then you'll probably need to begin comparing Carnarvon Airport Car Rental services and companies. Without reliable, safe, and affordable transportation, all of your trip plans could be proven useless, as you'll be unable to see the attractions and destinations you plan on visiting. Other than using public transportation or having your own vehicle shipped, there are no other suitable transportation options.


Carnarvon is a coastal town with a tropical climate and stunning coastal cliff ranges. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, fishing, and swimming year-round at Cape Cuvier, Chinaman's Pool, and Rocky Pool. Aside from its many natural beauties, the area is also industrially renowned for its famous banana plantations.


The area is rich in natural, cultural, and agricultural beauty, so there are an abundance of native fruits and vegetables available at the local markets, including but not limited to papaya, mangoes, bananas, grapes, and the locally popular carambola melons. Carnarvon also offers a plethora of hospitality accommodations including motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, and campground facilities.




A sneak peak at Carnarvon's world-famous fishing action