Blackwater Airport Car Hire

Blackwater Airport car rental services provide affordable, flexible, and convenient transportation solutions to traveling individuals and businessmen as they arrive at the local airport. The advantages of using rental cars instead of personal vehicles while traveling are obvious, and include decreased or eliminated public transportation fees (i.e. – taxicab/shuttle fares) and greater mobility during vacations.


The city of Blackwater is home to several culturally rich tourist destinations, including Lions Park (which boasts the second-largest national flag display behind only the United Nations building in New York City), Japanese Garden and Tourist Information Centre(which offers a stunning garden display that incorporates more than 600 tonnes of ornamental stone), and the town War memorial.


Visitors can also enjoy natural wonders in the area such as the Blackdown Tablelands, which is an amazing rock formation comprised of sandstone that stands more than 600 metres above the surrounding terrain. More than 20,000 people visit this attraction each year and are left with lifetime memories of unforgettable scenic views.




A View of the Blackdown Tablelands in Queensland, Australia.