Adelaide Car Hire

You can pick up a hire car at outlets in the city or at Adelaide Airport , car rental services located in Terminal 1, Level 0 opposite the domestic and regional baggage claim, and then the state will be your oyster.

From the internationally renowned wines of the Barossa and Clare Valleys to the joys of Kangaroo Island or the natural wonder of the Limestone Coast, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the unique opportunities and experiences of SA. Though known as 'The City of Churches', there is far more to SA than the city itself. From Adelaide, the journey is up to you, whether you rent a 4WD and hit the outback along the renowned Oodnadatta Track, or cruise along the scenic coastal expanse skirting the edges of the Nullarbor ('No tree'), a cheap rental car will help you investigate the mysteries of this uncommon state.

A great little reward for the kids is a daytrip to a chocolate factory. It’s cheap and fun so take your car rental Adelaide for a short trip to the Haigh’s chocolate factory and fulfil your chocolate cravings.

Suggested Itinerary With An Adelaide Car Rental: Haighs Chocolate Factory 

Did you know that your car rental Adelaide service can help you fulfil all your chocolate fantasies? If you think that sounds a little mad then you’re actually in for a surprise treat. It’s common knowledge that there is a gorgeous chocolate factory known all over Australia that has a factory in Adelaide. 


The brand of course is Haigh’s and if you haven’t heard of Haigh’s chocolates then you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past ninety six years. Haigh’s is known for its delectable goodies including the unmistakably famous chocolate frogs.  They specialize in all sorts of flavours and continue to be one of the few chocolate makers who still make their chocolates from scratch using well sourced and high quality cacao beans from South America. Other than their chocolate frogs, the brand is known for their chocolate blocks which are a treat for any chocolate lover. Imagine getting a whole block of chocolate and eating it all to yourself and you’ll understand why.


One of the best things when going to the chocolate factory and something you will definitely not want to miss out on is the chocolate factory tour. After hopping over to the chocolate factory in your car rental Adelaide you can go straight into the chocolate factory tour. You will not only get the chance to find out a little more about the rich chocolate heritage that the company  has but you will also get a look at how little cacao beans are turned into their wonderful chocolate. For the avid chocolate lover nothing beats the thought if seeing their favourite chocolate bar being made. As an added bonus you even get a chance to sample their chocolate with some tea or coffee.


The great thing about the chocolate tour is that it is an excellent little adventure for the family. You will also appreciate the fact that it makes for a great little budget saving activity. Perhaps a small birthday party gift instead of buying your son that new model airplane he wants. It won’t just be great for him to see how his chocolate is made but he gets a chance to get some free chocolate.


All in the entire trip to a chocolate factory is not just a great day out but a wonderful little tasting event. Also remember that it can serve as a great money saver so don’t hesitate to treat it as such and turn it into a reward for the kids. A trip to the chocolate factory in your car rental Adelaide is sure to be a hit and a tasty one at that.